Equal opportunity

We create equal opportunities and adjust work processes for our employees. Our firm’s culture does not provide space for discrimination or prejudice.

Employees with children enjoy tailored form of employment in order to improve their work-life balance. Thanks to free kindergarten directly at workspace, many easily combine executive position with care for a child.

Students are given study leave during examination period and work in shortened shift throughout the year. Therefore, students gain valuable experience and are given highly specialized positions immediately after graduation. Our international team consists of specialists from various countries.

Our company is open for employees of all nationalities, genders, religion, family status as well as physical disposition.

We support Powerchair hockey

We are proud of our long term support of prague powerchair hockey team New Cavaliers. This team regularly participates in czech powerchair hockey league as well as international matches in different european countries.

Besides facilitating sport activities, we also care for full employability of all people. Therefore, our workspace is fully barrier-free and one of our kind colleagues is, for more than 10 years, a player of New Cavaliers team.
More information on the team we support, can be found here:

Eco-friendly and sustainable development

It is important for us, to mitigate our ecological footprint. We reside in ecological building with a passive standard. Special double-layered windows with vacuum hinder heat radiation. Fully insulated building in combination with thermal drills ensure minimal need for heating during winter.

Moreover, smart air circulating system mitigates need for air conditioning during hot summer.

Part of our firm’s culture is incentivization of employees to sort the waste and reduce printing. Lights in our office are equipped with sensors determining optimal intensity of lights, not a single unit of energy is wasted here.

We support and follow the principle of sustainable development and perceive the wisdom of Antoine de Sain-Exupéry's words: “We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”